The History of ANDI

ANDI's beginnings are a significant part of diving history

ANDI's beginnings are a significant part of diving history. Ed Betts and Dick Rutkowski joined together in 1988 to form American Nitrox Divers, Inc. (“ANDI”). The purpose was to standardize Instructor Training, Sport Diver Training, and refill station dispensing procedures for Enriched Air Nitrox diving.

Dick Rutkowski began teaching what he called "Nitrox Diving"

Dick Rutkowski retired from the USA's National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) with 33 years of service in 1985. He served as Deputy Diving Coordinator and was the founder and director of the NOAA Diving/Hyperbaric Training and Diver Treatment Facility. He began teaching what he called "Nitrox Diving" for sport divers in 1987 under his IAND company. He is directly responsible for introducing this major advancement into the Sport Diving Industry.

After contractually agreeing to close IAND and work exclusively with ANDI, Dick sold IAND to an ANDI Instructor Trainer, Tom Mount. Although both companies continued, this act caused the founders to acrimoniously separate. Tom Mount continued with IAND under the trade name IANTD.


Ed Betts and Dick Rutkowski joined together

Ed Betts was the co-founder of Island Scuba Centers, Inc. (ANDI # 1), of Freeport, New York in 1968. The Betts Family closed Island Scuba Centers in 1997 after 29 years of service to the local diving community. At that time it was Long Island's oldest full-service scuba facility and had been one of the world's first “high tech” dive centers.

Ed has extensive experience as a practical engineer. He designs and installs specialty gas production and delivery systems and hyperbaric chambers. Ed is founder and Executive Director of ANDI International and has authored numerous published articles, instructor manuals and student text books.

It was through Ed's efforts and business acumen that so many of the standards and procedures that were developed by ANDI are now standard practices in the diving industry of today. In addition, Ed was the first individual to introduce SafeAir®, technical and rebreather diving to many parts of the world. When the first production-run recreational rebreather was marketed by Dräger of Lubeck Germany, it was ANDI that produced the first training manual in English and German. Since then ANDI has closely followed the emerging rebreather market. As new production product has become available ANDI has produced manufacturer-approved training materials of the highest quality.


The first instructor teaching manual for Enriched Air Nitrox diving

The first Gas Mixture Validation Record Book safety method

The first manufacturer-endorsed equipment standards.

The first Breathing Gas Purity standards for gases other than Air.

The first Enriched Air cylinder inspection sticker, color wrap decal and cylinder contents tag.


The originator of the Oxygen Compatible Air standard.

The first Enriched Air Nitrox Service Technician training program, industry wide.


The originator of the Oxygen Compatible Air standard.

The first Gas Blender training program, industry wide

The first insurable / insured Enriched Air Nitrox training program.

The first multi-language offering of textbooks & training materials for advanced diving technologies.

Hebrew, Chinese, Italian, Greek, German, Dutch, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, French, etc.)


First EAN facility outside of the USA

In 1991, ANDI trained and opened the first EAN facility outside of the USA. The concept and technology quickly spread as ANDI expanded throughout the world. ANDI’s concept of “optimal breathing gas technology”, at first shunned and criticized by the entire industry, has now become a standard part of diving practice.

The first instructor teaching manual for Technical / Decompression diving.

The only Oxygen / EAN compatibility designation sleeves and stickers.

The first international dealer network of Enriched Air Facilities.


The first multi-agency, multi-level professional liability insurance program.


The first training agency-supported Deco software - ANDI DivePlanner & ANDI-Gap 2005


The first manufacturer-endorsed rebreather training manual (Dräger Atlantis)


The first entry-level Openwater Diver Course incorporating SafeAir / Nitrox for all dives.

The first international training agency to offer the full range of diver education.


The first entry-level OWD course using rebreathers. (Dolphin SCR in Germany)


Worldwide trainings

At this moment, ANDI offers training worldwide from Europe, Middle East, Asia to the USA, and is still growing. This growth throughout the world is due to ANDI’s commitment to quality education, quality training and dedication to dealer service. ANDI International headquarters is still in the USA where it all started.