Why choose ANDI?

Superior training

ANDI offers diver and instructor training programs at all levels according to high standards without shortcuts. This policy has resulted in a zero casualty record during training since 1988. This fantastic result reflects the quality of all ANDI instructors and the high safety level during their courses. 

ANDI International

ANDI International (ANDI) is one of the world's oldest diver training agencies. ANDI introduced training programs for Enriched Air Nitrox ( SafeAir ) diving in 1988. As a natural evolution from SafeAir®, ANDI developed training programs for what has now become known as Technical diving. To meet the demands of our international network of training facilities, in 1999 ANDI introduced a unique methodology for training entry-level divers with the ANDI Open Water Sport Diver program. Since our origin in 1988, ANDI has expanded throughout the world.

ANDI has developed a multifaceted training system with comprehensive programs. These include recreational programs, Technical and Exploration programs, Rebreather training for SCR and CCR systems, Wreck and Cave diving programs, specialty focused training and a full offering of technician and instructor programs. ANDI’s growth throughout the world is due to ANDI's commitment to quality education, quality training materials and the highest operational standards.