ANDI Europe

With the current situation as it is, no communication with HQ after their shameful irrational action and the harm done to most instructors and to the prestige of what was once something we feel there is no point anymore in keeping anything called ANDI as this is gone down the garbage bin of history as a failed association who once was something but got stuck in the past and in the ego of a few old fashioned individuals.
Therefore we will be shutting everything andi in Europe and it will soon be forgotten..
Most Instructors who have a sense of dignity have already crossed over to other agencies, those who have not should. And those who wish to do so have two options
CMAS contact Andy Kutsch or Heiko Geisen for the crossover
TDI SDI contact Chris Massaad for the cross over
You have time till years end, after that and due to the fact that andi is not part of RSTC you will not be able to cross over, some major agencies have already stopped accepting equivalence.