Certified Scuba Diver

The Certified Scuba Diver course is the starting point for anyone interested in marine life, or exploring the underwater world in many different ways.

Why would you choose for the ANDI Certified Scuba Diver or ANDI Open Water Diver course? The ANDI training programs offers proper theory, techniques and skills that are quit normal in advanced diving. The ANDI course connects easily to advanced diving programs later on in your diving career.  

Why not learning from the very beginning rather than having to change to different skills later on? This is where safety in diving begins with ANDI; applying techniques and habits that are taught in advanced diving because of safety! Does it take much more time to learn? Certainly a little bit, but it is fun and rewarding at the same time. Is it more difficult? No, it is not more difficult, just different. With ANDI it is possible to get Open Water certified to diving to 18 meters (Certified Scuba Diver) or to 30 meters (Open Water Diver))

 The ANDI Open Water Diver training becomes even more interesting when combined with the SafeAir Diver training. (Enriched Air Nitrox) A unique combination providing even more fun in diving right away.

Certified Scuba