SafeAir Diver

The ANDI SafeAir Diver prepares the diver to switch from AIR diving to diving with an Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN), called SafeAir in within ANDI.

What about adding more safety to your diving with a better diving gas than normal Air? Or maybe extend your diving time at your favourite dive site? This is possible when diving with a so called Enriched Air Nitrox (“Nitrox”), a breathing gas that contains more Oxygen than standard breathing Air. ANDI introduced this technology in the recreational diving market in 1989 and produced the first and original teaching material for the recreational diver. What does the term SafeAir mean? In short, the term SafeAir refers to a clean breathing gas that complies to the high gas standards developed by ANDI. More is explained during the course. The SafeAir Diver course explains many interesting and important topics around diving Enriched Air Nitrox. The ANDI certification will give you access to diving SafeAir (EAN) up to 40% Oxygen anywhere in the world.

 The ANDI SafeAir Diver course may be integrated in the ANDI Open Water Diver Course as well, which means that the Open Water Diver starts diving with Enriched Air Nitrox from the beginning. This combination is unique in the diving market.