SafeAir Decompression Diver

The ANDI SafeAir Decompression Diver is a technical course but designed for recreational divers using one gas only during "No Stop Required" dives. The course provides  topics like dive planning in combination with decompression theory. The goal is to train the recreational diver to make him more confident e.g. during holiday dive trips where it is not an exception that divers are confronted with some decompression obligation at the end of the dive. How to handle this, how to use dive computers in a proper way, how to make a better dive planning and back up plan to prevent for dangerous situations like out of gas and omitted decompression stops.. The certification allows the diver to have a maximum of 15 minutes of in water deco on back gas which will cover most events during this type of diving. The course allows single tank diving and twin tank diving. A popular course with a high fun factor.