ANDI Wreck Diving

One of the most fascinating diving experiences is wreck diving, especially historic wrecks with all the history behind it. Worldswide there are countles wrecks of all kind with their own history. From small vessels to big cargo ships and war ships. Wrecks are found at any depth, shallow and very deep. Wrecks are available in many different types of water, making wreck diving accessable for all levels of diving. At this moment there are quit some wrecks that serve as artificial reefs, and are prepared for diving. These wrecks are pretty safe to dive. Wreck penetration in non prepared wrecks may be very dangerous and requires specific training to do this as safe as possible. This is Wreck Exploration Diving. The ANDI Wreck Diver training modules are related to the certification that the candidate holds. This means that e.g. a candidate who wants to embarque for the Technical Trimix Wreck Diver needs to be certified at Technical Trimix Diver already. The ANDI Wreck courses focus on the wreck diving techniques only. ANDI training is available at all required levels. The wreck diving modules are available for both Open Circuit and CCR diving.