ANDI training programs belong to the best available in the industry. As always, a training program may be good, but it is the instructor who is teaching. ANDI instructors are well trained people and have proven to stick to the training standards for the safety of the student. As from 1988, the casualty record during our training programs is still ZERO. ANDI is proud of the performance of the instructors.

The student is the third factor. ANDI is teaching according to the ATKEE principle.

This principle is a hard law in any activity, diving or non diving.

The student needs to be aware of this principle to obtain maximum safety during his or her activities in the underwater world.

Certification depth as written on a certification card is just a written limit. Experience after the training will bring the diver slowly to this limit. Maybe he will even never dive this limit..
A personal limit may change from time to time depending on the current status of one or more ATKEE factors. Awareness and attitude is protecting the diver from exceeding his limit.

The ANDI training program is the start of your adventure and your instructor is your guide to achieve your goal.